Education: A Choice for the entire family

Education has been one of the segments that Dunn Media has worked in for the last couple of years. From Head Start programs, to school sports booster programs, and even the smaller private schools in the area, we've had the opportunity to get a unique perspective on this important life choice. Montessori School of Pensacola is celebrating 40 years of offering a unique, approach that offers families a very close and personalized experience for their children. 

As part of that celebration, Dunn Media has crafted a video campaign that lets the MSP experience tells its story from the inside out: Alumni talking about the advantages they have in high school as a result of learning critical study habits, teachers being able to express their passion and joy for learning, and perhaps most importantly, parents giving their reasons for why a significant investment has been the right choice for their family. 

Working on this campaign has shown us one thing that stands throughout all the interviews and activities we've been filming: Montessori School of Pensacola really does care about its students. And it that way, helping young people develop the ability to make good decisions is one of the foundations for success later in life. 

An Homage to Character and Age in an Old "New" House Design

"Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light."      ~Le Corbosier

One of the many ongoing projects I've been shooting this year is for East Hill Building and Design, a truly exceptional company driven by a passion for craftsmanship. As such, they have some great partnerships as well. For the current project on Chipley Avenue in East Pensacola Heights, they've teamed with architect Nicholas Pica, of studioPICA. Watching the progression of the build has been such a joy: from the delicate care of the existing flora on such an old lot, to the custom chimney work and other details. Another unique quality is that the homesite sits among the many locations currently being explored by the University of West Florida Archaeology Department as part of the "First Settlement" find in late 2015. So with this home, all parties are truly taken by the design and construction of a new home on the oldest known European settlements. We asked Nicholas to give us a brief insight into his approach for such a unique project: 

"Upon first meeting with my clients and walking their property along Pensacola Bay, they stressed the importance of keeping each and every one of the beautiful, mature oaks. As my understanding of their needs developed and the program was solidified, a home seemingly tucked into the oaks, spanning along the bay was born. Rooflines bow to my clients favorite low hanging branches and a material palette of earthy mortar washed brick complemented by stained cypress and cedar in tones pulling from the spanish moss laden oaks was selected. Our focus throughout the design has been an authenticity of materials selected to develop a rich patina. In essence, the design seeks to create a new "old" house honoring the incredible site and southern vernacular."

~Nicholas PIca 

check out his work:

Smart Collaborations of Visual Style

It's one of those weeks where we find ourselves heavy in post production, compiling and editing some of the great stories we've been out shooting for a variety of clients recently. And in some cases, we are fortunate enough to find great "partners in crime" who share a visual talent for storytelling in a different application. One such gem is Nichole Tate, of Nichole Tate Designs. A true local, Nichole has a big smile, and the bright enthusiasm to match a keen, sophisticated approach to interior design. So we thought to feature her today and introduce some of the thoughts she brings to her work. 

"I am inspired by the beach, I love incorporating color and a comfortable, casual sense to my designs.  Evoking personality and a unique sense into every clients home is my goal.  I believe that design creates better things for people and should be attainable for everyone.  My playful approach to design illustrates itself through the use of color and texture.  My firm is based on the same principles I live by; "It doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful! and need it and want it, are good enough reasons to have it!"

"This project was a collaborative effort between myself, the homeowner, and East Hill Building and Design.  The family home renovation was designed with the intention that all areas of the home would be used.  

The original home was very dark and closed off so we opened up the floorplan to allow for an open airy feeling and more family interaction.  The home now features a children’s area as well as some well-appointed rolling toy bins.   

We used a color scheme of soft blues and neutrals.  We wanted to pull the outside in from the beautiful Bayou, beyond the wall of windows, so the homeowners and their guests could enjoy the water view from all areas of the home.

We took the bones of this older home and adapted it to fit a young modern family while still keeping the traditional values of the house. " ~Nichole Tate 

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.08.04 AM.png

The Best is yet to come.....

As the first named storm of the year, Colin, bathes central Florida in wind and rain, we are on the road working in Asheville NC (a second home in many ways) and on western Massachusetts later in the week. But we have a few good edits in tow, one being a fabulous coastal summer wedding we shot in mid-May near Sea Grove, Fl. The weather was perfect and the young couple really came up with some good fun for the day, such as a local food truck serving fish tacos and a crawfish boil onsite! To quote a favorite childhood author: "We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." ~Dr. Seuss

New Shape of Pensacola

Well it has been one busy transition from spring to summer around Dunn Media. Juggling projects is so exciting as it really pushes the boundaries of the creative flow that we get to put into the work. Currently, this flurry of activity mirrors the greater atmosphere of Pensacola in general. From a new season of Wahoo baseball, cutting edge development projects like the new IHMC campus, and the 70th Anniversary of the Blue Angels giving locals weekly flyovers.....Pensacola is full steam ahead for the 2016 tourist season. 

And just as life in a connected community goes, some of projects are overlapping in creative and promising ways. While shooting the many wonderful sites for Caldwell Associates Architects, we've interviewed Quint Studer....who also is helping spearhead a focus on better early education opportunities in Escambia County. And so that brings him into the focus of the ongoing campaigns we are working on with Community Action Program Pensacola. 

Such cohesion and synergy across industries really gets to the heart of what is happening in Pensacola right now.....a true shift of thinking and priorities. And the greater US is taking notice with the increased attention our beaches, downtown corridor, and positive growth has received in multiple national media outlets. 

Yes, it is truly a great time to be telling stories here in the First Settlement of the New World. 

Have a great week everyone! 

Cultivating a broader interest in education at Montessori School of Pensacola


"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." ~John Dewey 

We have been working on an ongoing campaign with the Montessori School of Pensacola since mid 2015. They approached us initially with a need for some visual marketing, and like most of our clients, we quickly addressed how a well thought out plan of using video to tell the story of their unique approach to education would enrich not only their marketing, but their entire brand. 

Education in the US is really in peril on many levels. Large class sizes, redistricting, bullying, lack of resources, lack of parent involvement....the list of critical needs is long. As a private school, MSP has many advantages for preparing children for the greater world, not just the next step in high school. Their problem was, outside the word of mouth from parents and their inner community, no one really knew about it. So yes they had a branding issue. 

In collaboration with Ideaworks, one of Pensacola's top PR agencies, we created a visual media campaign of rich storytelling, captivating photography, as well as internal stories from alumni and parents sharing their experiences of how the Montessori method made them excel at both high school and higher education.  By creating a custom YouTube channel, placing short video excerpts as online ads and for local media distribution, we were able to help Montessori get wider traction in the Pensacola area for higher recruitment, as well as help educate the community about what makes Montessori so unique and powerful as an alternative to the current struggle in public schools. 

An added benefit to the client is that they always learn more about themselves in the process. So we not only create effective campaigns, we help a client see themselves from the outside looking in. Using visual storytelling to solve a client's problem is what we do best.

For more information on the Montessori School of Pensacola please visit:

And to check out Ideaworks and their award winning work:

Paying Attention: A Start Up from the Heart to live with intention, awareness, and humor

Fidelity, as intended, can mean "faithfulness to a person, cause, belief, etc. demonstrated by continued loyalty and support." One benefit of the work we do at Dunn Media is connnecting with, and producing for, people who are very passionate about their business. The nature of a start up is so personal and intense, it literally is the act of setting something in motion. To do that in the business world takes a lot. Motivation, faith, risk, sacrifice, and most of all, perseverance. 

What-Apple is a very passionate and creative company that seeks to pursue capitalism "with a conscience." They believe that profit can be shared, that products can be artisan-based and shared stories of personal expression. Based out of Ft. Walton, they are a good example of the changes coming to our "oldest city" in America. That business can be centered in a beautiful, coastal beach town but have a global message and reach. We were happy to help them produce a short editorial video about their process, their mission, and their vision. Great content paired with a great message. So we get to help startups like What-Apple express their fidelity to a better world for all of us. 

Check them out at:

Design and Craftsmanship meet in Pensacola

For the last few years now, the built environment has really been on the upswing around the Gulf Coast. From national press for Palafox as a model downtown main street, to the prominence of our beaches as the best of the best, the greater Pensacola area has arrived at a new understanding of itself as a regional showcase of vibrant life. 

Mirroring those trends have been the wellspring of activity in the building sector. Be it smart renovations of historic buildings, state-of-the-art educational facilities, or the variety of tasteful waterfront homes seen from a lazy cruise during a sunset happy hour, it's a good time to be here. At Dunn Media we thrive working with the passionate firms and talent behind many of the structures that do more than increase the tax base, they engender a fresh and progressive take on community. Having lived in New York, Boston, and throughout the eastern seaboard, it is very encouraging to see talented design get the support from a city with such opportunity to showcase its rich history. 

Our project slate is brimming with creative projects on firms, the value of architecture in the history of Pensacola, and simply showcasing some wonderful custom craftsmanship provided by local companies. We love working with passionate, creative people. If that's you, give us a call! 

Early Head Start in Pensacola

For the last few months we have been working with Community Action Program Committee in Pensacola, Fl.  on a campaign to highlight and document all the amazing programs it manages for economic sustainability. From partnerships with utilities such as Gulf Power, other non profits working to combat poverty, or programs such as Early Head Start that it directly facilitates CAPC is an anchor in the Pensacola community. One challenge for such organizations is consistently conveying their branding message for greater social networking and philanthropy opportunities. We are producing a series of videos, buoyed by documentary photography, that will clearly tell their story, not only for their outbound audience, but also as a powerful tool of internal marketing to align their staff along common goals and the greater mission. 

And so we get opportunities to meet wonderful children, and volunteers, such as this senior "grandmother" who comes every day to AA Dixon to spend time with the children. Love truly conquers all.