Education: A Choice for the entire family

Education has been one of the segments that Dunn Media has worked in for the last couple of years. From Head Start programs, to school sports booster programs, and even the smaller private schools in the area, we've had the opportunity to get a unique perspective on this important life choice. Montessori School of Pensacola is celebrating 40 years of offering a unique, approach that offers families a very close and personalized experience for their children. 

As part of that celebration, Dunn Media has crafted a video campaign that lets the MSP experience tells its story from the inside out: Alumni talking about the advantages they have in high school as a result of learning critical study habits, teachers being able to express their passion and joy for learning, and perhaps most importantly, parents giving their reasons for why a significant investment has been the right choice for their family. 

Working on this campaign has shown us one thing that stands throughout all the interviews and activities we've been filming: Montessori School of Pensacola really does care about its students. And it that way, helping young people develop the ability to make good decisions is one of the foundations for success later in life.