Design and Craftsmanship meet in Pensacola

For the last few years now, the built environment has really been on the upswing around the Gulf Coast. From national press for Palafox as a model downtown main street, to the prominence of our beaches as the best of the best, the greater Pensacola area has arrived at a new understanding of itself as a regional showcase of vibrant life. 

Mirroring those trends have been the wellspring of activity in the building sector. Be it smart renovations of historic buildings, state-of-the-art educational facilities, or the variety of tasteful waterfront homes seen from a lazy cruise during a sunset happy hour, it's a good time to be here. At Dunn Media we thrive working with the passionate firms and talent behind many of the structures that do more than increase the tax base, they engender a fresh and progressive take on community. Having lived in New York, Boston, and throughout the eastern seaboard, it is very encouraging to see talented design get the support from a city with such opportunity to showcase its rich history. 

Our project slate is brimming with creative projects on firms, the value of architecture in the history of Pensacola, and simply showcasing some wonderful custom craftsmanship provided by local companies. We love working with passionate, creative people. If that's you, give us a call!