Cultivating a broader interest in education at Montessori School of Pensacola


"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." ~John Dewey 

We have been working on an ongoing campaign with the Montessori School of Pensacola since mid 2015. They approached us initially with a need for some visual marketing, and like most of our clients, we quickly addressed how a well thought out plan of using video to tell the story of their unique approach to education would enrich not only their marketing, but their entire brand. 

Education in the US is really in peril on many levels. Large class sizes, redistricting, bullying, lack of resources, lack of parent involvement....the list of critical needs is long. As a private school, MSP has many advantages for preparing children for the greater world, not just the next step in high school. Their problem was, outside the word of mouth from parents and their inner community, no one really knew about it. So yes they had a branding issue. 

In collaboration with Ideaworks, one of Pensacola's top PR agencies, we created a visual media campaign of rich storytelling, captivating photography, as well as internal stories from alumni and parents sharing their experiences of how the Montessori method made them excel at both high school and higher education.  By creating a custom YouTube channel, placing short video excerpts as online ads and for local media distribution, we were able to help Montessori get wider traction in the Pensacola area for higher recruitment, as well as help educate the community about what makes Montessori so unique and powerful as an alternative to the current struggle in public schools. 

An added benefit to the client is that they always learn more about themselves in the process. So we not only create effective campaigns, we help a client see themselves from the outside looking in. Using visual storytelling to solve a client's problem is what we do best.

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