New Shape of Pensacola

Well it has been one busy transition from spring to summer around Dunn Media. Juggling projects is so exciting as it really pushes the boundaries of the creative flow that we get to put into the work. Currently, this flurry of activity mirrors the greater atmosphere of Pensacola in general. From a new season of Wahoo baseball, cutting edge development projects like the new IHMC campus, and the 70th Anniversary of the Blue Angels giving locals weekly flyovers.....Pensacola is full steam ahead for the 2016 tourist season. 

And just as life in a connected community goes, some of projects are overlapping in creative and promising ways. While shooting the many wonderful sites for Caldwell Associates Architects, we've interviewed Quint Studer....who also is helping spearhead a focus on better early education opportunities in Escambia County. And so that brings him into the focus of the ongoing campaigns we are working on with Community Action Program Pensacola. 

Such cohesion and synergy across industries really gets to the heart of what is happening in Pensacola right now.....a true shift of thinking and priorities. And the greater US is taking notice with the increased attention our beaches, downtown corridor, and positive growth has received in multiple national media outlets. 

Yes, it is truly a great time to be telling stories here in the First Settlement of the New World. 

Have a great week everyone!