An Homage to Character and Age in an Old "New" House Design

"Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light."      ~Le Corbosier

One of the many ongoing projects I've been shooting this year is for East Hill Building and Design, a truly exceptional company driven by a passion for craftsmanship. As such, they have some great partnerships as well. For the current project on Chipley Avenue in East Pensacola Heights, they've teamed with architect Nicholas Pica, of studioPICA. Watching the progression of the build has been such a joy: from the delicate care of the existing flora on such an old lot, to the custom chimney work and other details. Another unique quality is that the homesite sits among the many locations currently being explored by the University of West Florida Archaeology Department as part of the "First Settlement" find in late 2015. So with this home, all parties are truly taken by the design and construction of a new home on the oldest known European settlements. We asked Nicholas to give us a brief insight into his approach for such a unique project: 

"Upon first meeting with my clients and walking their property along Pensacola Bay, they stressed the importance of keeping each and every one of the beautiful, mature oaks. As my understanding of their needs developed and the program was solidified, a home seemingly tucked into the oaks, spanning along the bay was born. Rooflines bow to my clients favorite low hanging branches and a material palette of earthy mortar washed brick complemented by stained cypress and cedar in tones pulling from the spanish moss laden oaks was selected. Our focus throughout the design has been an authenticity of materials selected to develop a rich patina. In essence, the design seeks to create a new "old" house honoring the incredible site and southern vernacular."

~Nicholas PIca 

check out his work: